The Aga Khan Sports Centre swimming pool is a pool perfected for all ages. The swimming pool is opened to the public at affordable rates and maximum benefits to the members. The pool has the deepest part being 3.5 meters and the baby pool about half a meter therefore safe and convenient for all.
Our well trained and qualified life guard is on the look out at all times to make sure you maximize your swimming experience without the fear of drowning. Build your physic and have fun while to take a dip at our exemplary pool.


Table Tennis

For those members who prefer a private sporting activity that is engaging and fun, this is your sport. We offer standard competition size boards for the game. We have a several boards therefore no congestion in the rooms. This is a sport that will get all your muscles jogged up and build on your mental health. After a long day’s works, we recommend table tennis to blow off some steam.


Our aerobics studio has flexible flooring as early as 6.30 am to as late as 7.40 pm and is used for our groups fitness classes. It is sufficiently equipped with balls, steps, tubing bands and more.
Our instructors will lead you through a variety of activities.
We also offer dancing classes with choreographed routines to hit songs. Our well qualified instructors offer Zumba training programs on Tuesdays and weekend which provide a fun and interactive session with our members.